Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fantastic summer and that you’re all looking forward to after-school this year. This year in after-school we’ll be focusing on capitalizing on our downtime, exploring our creativity, and really having a blast.

We won’t be getting our hands dirty for the first week, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be having fun. We’ll try to get at least 10 minutes of homework/projects done a day before we really get into our day. If parents want their child to get more work done throughout the day, they can speak to me personally.

The first week of after-school, we’ll all be getting to know each other and planning what we’d like to do this year. We’ll be doing a little portrait project where we will paint our faces on plates and make a list of our likes and dislikes, to put on display, so our classmates can get to know us better. We’ll also try to utilize the gym and definitely go outside more. For the first week, and many more weeks to come, we’ll have a movie afternoon–where the kids will watch a movie while eating popcorn and snacks. I’ll let you know what day it falls on so that you can send your child to school with a blanket. There are many more things for us to look forward to this year and I’m very excited for us to experience them all!