We’re back after a nice and relaxing summer. Hello and welcome! I’m Fatuma Ahmed, and I have the pleasure of teaching your children this year. I’m really looking forward to meeting them and getting to know them. That’s what we’ll focus on for the first week. Getting into the school routine and getting to know one another. Building a home away from home. For the first week we’ll just be easing into the Daily Schedule but, day by day, we’ll starting focusing on it a little more. Just to see where your child is.

We won’t just jump in, but by the end of the second week we’ll be in routine. I’m not going to give homework every week. From time to time you might receive a small worksheet to work on with your child though. This will be in the school folder that your child will be sent home with everyday. This will allow you to see what your child has worked on for that day. Every Friday I’ll send a personalized letter home with your child to let you know how our week went.

Also, this year’s theme is mammals! So the kindergarten class will be sheepand since we’re trying to incorporate more Spanish, we’ll be going by Oveja.

I’m very excited to meet and get to know you and your children. I hope to have a very exciting year!