Week #2—September 3 to 6

A short week, but we have plenty to do, so it will feel like regular school. Last week was our first chance to work with some kids and a welcome chance to work with our “old students”—all the teachers were so happy to see everyone’s faces and listen to them chattering about their homes and their summer activities. This week we start firming up our extra-curricular stuff. I know some kids have already signed up for dance, which begins next Monday at 12:30. The first class is a “freebie” so kids can get a feel for dance, so if you are on the cusp, let your child go and check it out to see if it seems fun. Piano starts this week, with five kids going over to the Music School on Thursday morning at 10:30. They go on the bus and come back on the bus. It’s a short walk, but it’s too hot to walk right now. I think we’ll hold off on tennis till it’s under 90 degrees in the afternoon, maybe a couple of weeks. I’m putting out a sign for Drama to get people thinking about it with a potential start date of September 11th or the 18th . . . This would be a 12 week commitment with a show at the end, depending on how many kids sign up, it could be Wizard of Oz or Lion King. Spanish class starts this week on Friday for everyone.

Monday—Labor Day!  Everyone resting at home.

Tuesday—A regular day with park trips—younger kids going to Milam today. This is the Tempest’s library day. If you live in Dekalb County, get your child’s library card, please. Checking out books is easier when each child has a card.  Hurricanes have science this afternoon. Today, Miss Fatuma does afterschool.

Wednesday—We’ll go to Henderson Park today for recess. Today, Miss Jannette does afterschool. We are hoping to buy a new bookshelf for the school this morning, if the School Box has gotten a delivery. We are lucky to have the buses for this kind of pick up!  We are also looking for a couple of floor lamps for the mornings and late afternoons, for softer lighting. If you have one at home that you don’t want anymore, bring it to us.

Thursday—Piano Lessons this morning from 10:30 to 11:00. Library Day for the Whirlwinds and Wind Shears. Jannette is the afterschool teacher.

Friday—We have hot lunch today (the menu is posted below) and this is $4/plate and is an entirely voluntary thing—sometimes everyone eats lunch and sometimes only 5 or 6 kids eat. The money we make on lunches this month goes to  the teachers for supplies for their rooms.  Today the Hurricanes have library time and everyone begins Spanish classes today. Jannette has afterschool today, which ends at 5:00. No bus routes today.

Debbie will be putting out statements this week in the kids’ mailboxes. Please set up your payments with FACTS or let me know when you’ll pay through CASHAP. We need all payments for the month in by the 15th.

The FACTS link is

My CashAP name is $debbiegathmann6951