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Week #26 February 26 to March 2

 Hard to believe that there are only ten more weeks left of this school year!  Time rushes by when we are in school—we never have enough time to get in all the concepts in that we want to cover and that we believe will make the children into stronger students. We have to look at safety and recess times and supplies and reading levels and math ability and we also want time to just talk with them about current events, science, local news, etc. One of my huge time-savers this year has been the well-organized seasonal decorating that Alicia Hughes and her crew of helpers have managed month after month to make the school inviting. Another huge time-saver and major helper has been Holly Neumann, who manages our website and whips us into shape in getting current content onto the site. She got us into facebook and now she’s thinking of Instagram and she’s always available for my teacher’s phone calls to ask website questions. Eric Neumann has handled the school shirts for the past two years and they’ve been so colorful and easy to care for. Julio Salazar has kept ice off the steps and is helping with the doorbell/camera system. It’s been a marvelous year and we feel so grateful!

Monday (Feb. 25)—a regular day with a presentation to the school about Black History from the Palms. Each did a bio poster on their person and they will tell us about the person and how they are important.

Tuesday (Feb. 26)—DeKalb Kids go to the library in Clarkston and if it’s not rainy, the rest will go play at Milam Park. While we are in Clarkston, we’ll drop off the first pile of canned goods for the Food Bank. Don’t forget to send canned goods!  The Palms will be planting their crocus bulbs today in window planters.

Wednesday (Feb. 27)—Touring Day for Kingfisher and we have several tours already lined up. We have spaces for Kindergarten for next year, so tell your friends and neighbors about us!  If there is time in the morning, the Water Oaks will go pick out a Beta for our little aquarium at PetSmart.  This is Dramakids day, too.

Thursday (Mar. 1)—the Gwinnett kids go to the library and the rest will go play at Bryson Park (if no rain). Also, I’ll be running a science experiment on raw versus pasteurized milk today and tomorrow—just to get the kids to see how variables must be controlled.  Spanish is today, as well.

Friday (Mar. 2)—Hot Lunch will be Barbecued Pork Sandwiches, Cole Slaw, and Banana Pudding. In the afternoon, we’ll have an “Electronics Hour” for those kids that want to bring a game to show off.