I am so excited to have everyone join us this year. My name is Mrs. Cox, and I will be your new kindergarten teacher. The first few weeks of school we are going to get to learn about each other. I will also be gauging where each child is, as well as the class, in order to properly focus our curriculum on what they need this year.

Our willows will be working on basic math, science, reading, spelling, social studies, and art. I do plan on having them journal everyday, just so they can get the hang of writing their names on their sheets, as well as the date and topic. I will provide a journal for each child. We will be doing single digit math to start off with everyone, and from there we will introduce double digit math for those that advance. We will attempt to do one science project a week, until we know what can be handled and what can’t. We will most likely increase the amount of science projects we do later in the year. We have free reading and free art areas in the classroom, but we will do story time everyday, as well as a group art project at least once a week.

We are a family in the willow classroom, and I want my kids to learn more than just academics. Social-emotional skills are important, that includes how we talk to our friends and how we treat new people, so we will focus on that. Each child will also have a responsibility for the week to keep our room in tip-top shape. We are learning how to respect our things, our friends, and ourselves. I am excited to see how much our kids grow this year!

-Mrs. Cox