Our First day of school is August 31st and we are getting ready for lots of new activity. Naturally, our covid plans are important, but so is school, so today I spent looking at textbooks and seeing what’s what in terms of the enrolled students’ ages in months. Our plan is to have three classes with nine children or less to one teacher and that requires a lot of planning to be certain every child will fit comfortably in the group. Today, I’m also looking at new social studies curriculum material and getting kind of excited about studying American culture as compared to other cultures. We want to talk about civil rights with the older kids and about the geography and history of the U.S. with the middle elementary kids. Social studies has gotten much more interesting for our students using our Scholastic magazines and our new textbooks. I actually took a textbook home to read over the weekend. Fun to think about education issues for a bit instead of health and safety. Our kids are smart and the teachers always have to work to stay ahead of them!