Door Letter  Door Letter Door Letter

April 16 to 20

This is a short one—we have much to do and many things coming up.  This week is about organizing for field day, practicing for the awards ceremony, and getting ready for some of the kids to take the ITBS next week. We are busy and happy and enjoying the beginning of spring.

Tuesday—the DeKalb kids will go to the library today. We all go outside after lunch for a chance to run, run, run. The Willows can take their science fair projects home today.

Wednesday—Tour Day at Kingfisher. Remember, if you have a friend or neighbor that might be interested in seeing us—send them over and you could earn $25 off the tuition if they enroll. I am putting flyers in everyone’s mailbox today and my request is that you post it on a bulletin board somewhere, either at your work or at a business that you frequent. Also, there is no bus today and some kids will be painting in the art space in the office today during afterschool. Dramakids are practicing their play afterschool today.

Thursday—Gwinnett Kids go to the library today and we’ll play at Bryson Park over off of Lawrenceville Highway. Spanish projects are due in class today.

Friday—Lunch will be subs from Firehouse Subs today $4 each. After lunch, the Willows and Oaks will go to the playground at Stone Mountain to play and run. We’ll be back well before bus time.

Thanks to Amari’s mom and Garrison’s folks for the donations of books and supplies to the school. Thanks to Alicia Hughes for the pinwheels that are our signature for the school in the spring. Fatuma is thinking about running a small summer camp for a week or two this summer, using one of our rooms. If you have a week or two that you haven’t already scheduled your child, talk to Fatuma and see if that might work for you. We are marching in the parade for Tucker Day. It’s a Saturday, but the kids love marching in the parade and this year we will have our faces painted and we think it’s going to be EPIC. I’ll deliver more details next week. Also, we are staffing an information booth for the school on the same day. I’m looking for parents to volunteer to take on the booth for an hour—mostly chatting to neighbors as they walk by and handing out information packets.  I can do four hours, but all day is a bit much for me.