Door Letter Door Letter  Door Letter

April 9 to 13

Monday—April 9—First day back after spring break and everyone is excited to tell all the things they did—one boy saw alligators and so did one teacher!  One girl went to Maryland and several went to Florida and South Carolina. We are a travelin’ people. Today we chose the two science fair projects that we want to showcase at the Clarkston and the Tucker Libraries. If Tucker doesn’t have room, we’re going to put one at the Tucker Rec for people to see. It’s chilly and wet, we’ll probably stay inside today. Some will be making bird nest nets to take home for their neighborhood birds.

Tuesday—The DeKalb kids will go check out books at Northlake Library. Bills will come out for March’s afterschool program today.

Wednesday—Tour day at school and Dramakids in the afternoon, as well. This should be a warmer day, so trips to the playground will happen after lunch. No school bus this afternoon. In Afterschool today, we’ll have the easels set up for paintings.

Thursday—The Gwinnett kids go to the library at Lilburn after lunch.

Friday—report cards come out this afternoon, so be sure and ask your child for the envelope. Hot Lunch today will be cooked with Brock’s help—Chicken and Fried Rice and Broccoli. We’re going to cook using the big electric skillet. $4/plate


Dates Coming Up:

April 13th—book reports from the Palms and a few others

April 19th—Spanish animal project due

April 23rd—Earth Day Project Day

May 4th—Kingfisher’s Field Day at Henderson Park

May 12th—Tucker Day Parade

May 24th—Awards Ceremony and the Last Day of School

Thinking about: a zoo trip or a lake trip or maybe camping at Stone Mountain.