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I have a new door bell system ready to go so I’ll be sending everyone an e-mail to explain how to get in. Thanks goes to Ceasar Salazar for helping me find just the right guys to do the electrical work. I hope some of you have checked out some of the SciFest activities. I’ve gone to two and both were really engaging and interesting. The Oaks will go to an event tomorrow and the Willows will be going with me to look at baby chickens in the next week or two. On Friday we have the annual bird egg hunt at Milam Park (talk to Alicia Hughes about helping or donations). Due to field trips, no library trips this week. The Willows are beginning a unit on magnets and watching anxiously to see if their crocuses begin to grow.

Monday (19th)—a regular day with possibly a tornado drill after lunch. We are getting ready for the spring storms.

Tuesday (20th)—the Palms go to a Scifest Activity on sound waves over at Perimenter College this afternoon. If the weather is pretty, we’ll do some artwork out on the breezeway in the morning—maybe egg dying . . .

Wednesday (21st)—Tour Day for the school. No bus today. Dramakids in the afternoon.

Thursday (22nd)—Palms will be going to see “A Wrinkle in Time” at the movies this afternoon to see  how it measures up to the book.

Friday (23rd)—Hot Lunch today: Marco’s Pizza at the Park–$2.50/slice. We’ll be at Milam Park from around 11:00 to 1:30 or so for our Bird Egg Hunt.


Reminder: As of today, only 10 more days until the Science Fair Projects are Due!

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We are trying to cover the cost of the new security locks and the Kroger donations are always good.