Week #26

Monday—2/11 we’ll decorate our “mailboxes” for Valentine’s Day, Spanish for the Tigers and the Foxes. Swimming for the Cats and Sheep—we’ll leave around 1:00 for the YMCA and should be back around 3:00. Book Club at the library is at 4:00.

Tuesday—2/12 Younger kids have tennis—they have named themselves The Chaos.  Sheep have crafts with Miss Yazliz, Los Zorros go to the library.  At 8:45, The Tigers will head toward the Fox Theatre to see The Freedom Trail. Tickets are $10. Afterwards, they are planning to eat at the Varsity and you can send whatever amount of cash with them that you want them to spend there. Yoga is at 2:40 to 3:10 for a mixed age group.

Wednesday 2/13 Crafts for the Foxes and Dance Class at 1:00 over at the gym. The Pottery People leave at 9:15. If the weather is pretty, the Pottery gang will walk down this time. The Sheep will go to Stone Mountain playground to eat lunch and play.

Thursday—This is Valentine’s Day and all bets are off on the schedule—we’ll have a special lunch and the kids can bring desserts of every kind to share. We’ll exchange cards and have a couple Valentine’s Day games—probably between 11:30 and 1:30. Probably the Cats will go to the library in the morning and the Cats will definitely have Spanish at 2:00.

FridayLibrary for the Tigers and the Pirates tennis team (the older kids) will practice. No Hot Lunch today, as we had it yesterday with the party.