What a wonderful break we had! Five glorious days off with almost perfect weather. Now we are back in the saddle again and moving toward the next holiday break. This week will be a chance to have some routines re-established and to move forward in all of our academic goal-setting. Amy’s group is settling in with a new room arrangement and decorating things in their little kid way (so many rainbows). The Owls have returned to homework packets and new spelling words and more emphasis on writing sentences and the grammar rules that surround writing (capitals, punctuation, subjects and action verbs, etc.) The Falcons will have a visitor on Thursday and are beginning a unit on Figurative Literacy (idioms, similes, metaphors, hyperbole, and personification). This week we are students again and busy learning new skills. The bus will leave a bit early this week (around 3:15) as Debbie is doing after school all week.

Monday–(Nov. 28th)–Normal day with a regular schedule. We’ll go outside after lunch and hopefully the rain will start after 3:00.

Tuesday–(Nov. 29th)–Early outside play (if it’s not raining) at 8:30 and then Spanish from 11:00 to 2:00 for different groups. Falcons go to the library today to pick out their book for a book report.

Wednesday–(Nov. 30th)–Owls go to the library and in the afternoon, Owls and Hummingbirds will do some work on the weather changes from this week.

Thursday–(December 1st)–Carol from the library will be visiting to talk to the Falcons about her avocation–bird-watching. And we’ll be following up with a bird project. Today the Hummingbirds go to the library. Owls and Hummers will be cooking a little today–no bake chocolate/oatmeal cookies!

Friday–(December 2nd)–Hot Lunch today will be Ham and Scalloped Potatoes with corn and muffins. Today, we’ll go to Lucky Shoals Park for our playground time–it was so fun last week!

All week we are picking songs for the Holiday sing and beginning practice with the instruments. The sing doesn’t happen until December 16th, but we always take a long time to choose the songs. Also, the Falcons are running a sock drive for clean, new socks. Please pick some up for your child to bring in. The Socks go to a shelter. Happy Holidays!