Week #16—Dec. 11 to 15

This week will be a busy one as we have to catch up from Friday. Hot Lunch will happen both today and Friday of this week. We are practicing daily on our holiday sing, which will happen on the 20th and there will be a separate e-mail about the plans for that day. We have some trips this week and will be watching for the warmer weather as the week progresses. Make sure you have signed the clipboards for the trips and remember to pay for the play (girls) and bowling (Palms and Oaks).  Also, payment for last month’s afterschool is due Wednesday of this week.

Monday—We have hot lunch today (food planned from Friday) and we’ll be beginning the decorations on the tree. The Willows got to pick out the tree and Home Depot donated it to us—Adam, at Home Depot at Jimmy Carter and Lawrenceville Highway, was good to us.

Tuesday—We will begin library trips to Tucker library today for the kids with library cards. Debbie will be taking them.  We will deliver cookies this afternoon to the fire station.

Wednesday—Today the girls leave at around 9:15 to go to see the play Heidi—we’ll be dressed up, but still warmly, in case it is chilly. Cost: $10  Remember Dramakids today!

Thursday—Oaks and Palms go bowling today—we’ll leave around 10:00 and be back after lunch. Cost: $6.50 No Spanish today.

Friday—Hot lunch is today from 12:00 to 12:30. We’ll have cowboy stew, corn, and fruit cocktail with jello.  

Feel free to ask any questions you need to ask. Every schedule detail will be ironed out in the fullness of time.