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Week #18

Welcome back! I missed everyone and I expect this first week back to be full of discussion about the winter holidays—presents, family, traveling, etc.  I always anticipate the holidays with much enthusiasm and sometimes I am surprised by how fast it all goes by, but this year, we took it slow, didn’t plan too much and really had a restful, pleasant time. We cooked a lot at my house and went to movies and did a tiny amount of shopping and it was all very satisfying.  I hope that was true for you guys, as well. The next book report will be a biography and will be due January 20th.  We have some biographies on the shelves here at school and we’ll find books in the library for this, as well. We intend to begin some keyboarding work this month and this book report will be the first one that is typed out on a computer. Our next day off of school will be January 16th—Monday. This is a federal holiday. Now coming into our new year:

Tuesday—No Spanish today and that  starts back next Tuesday.  Library Day for the Falcons, but we don’t know if we can check books out because we still have a book missing—Griffins are Great.  Please check your houses to see if that book might be at your house. With the rain and the mud, we’ll probably do recess in the playroom and in the gym. In the afternoon, the Owl’s  Social Studies theme for the next few weeks will be the explorers after the revolution—Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clarke, etc.  We’ll spend a day or two on Martin Luther King, as well.

Wednesday—Drama will be at 3:00 today and over at 4:30.

Thursday—If it’s not too muddy, we’ll do recess at Lucky Shoals park today—really great equipment is there and they get a chance to see a different, more developed park.

Friday—Hot Lunch today will be pizza from Pizza Hut. Kingfisher will provide a salad to go with it. Slices are $2.50 each and we’ll have it delivered.  We’ll have Yoga at 3:00.

  • We’ll be finishing off the sock collection drive on January 13th, so if you still want to contribute, there’s time. I found lots of socks on sale at the stores after Christmas.
  • In the afternoon during afterschool on Thursday, we’ll be cooking French toast on the grill that the school bought me for Christmas a couple years ago. I want to start cooking more often with the kids—they love the mess and it’s useful stuff to know.
  • Our character theme for this whole month is “We are all on the same team”.  The goal is to encourage kindness and a positive attitude with one another.  Everyone learns best in a supportive environment and that’s what we want to foster with the students, here.
  • Please remember to send lunches in reusable containers so there’s no lunch trash—this is part of our environmental focus.