Week #19—January 9 to 13

Okay, the forecast was wrong, but they certainly got the cold temps right. Today the steps were dangerously icy and I scattered salt last night, but they refroze this morning. Right now (10:00 a.m.) the temp is 31 degrees in Tucker, so I expect by the end of the day, the steps will be dry. Today will be the start of a new after school teaching staff, so be sure to introduce yourself to Fatuma Ahmed, who starts today. Miss Fatuma works Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Mr. Q does afterschool on Wednesdays and Debbie does it on Fridays. Attached to this is the tentative calendar for 2017-2018—please look it over and see what you think. Especially notice that school will end later this coming year so we can get in the correct number of school days. Now, we could start earlier, if parents preferred that and end before Memorial Day Weekend. Tell Debbie what you think.

Monday— Today is a regular day with the holidays behind us and all kinds of projects in front of us. I’ll be meeting with all students today to talk about the science fair projects and a sheet will go home (and on-line) to let you know what it could look like. The projects are tentatively due in mid to late February. I’ll set the date with the teachers later this week.

Tuesday—Spanish is back today so everyone needs to find and bring their blue folders to work with.

Wednesday—We have drama this afternoon from 3:00 to 4:30, so pick up happens at 4:30. Since they are starting on the rehearsal for the play, please don’t come in early to pick up your child as that makes focusing on learning their parts really choppy and difficult.

Thursday—Catch our breath day. Usually, the Owls and Hummingbirds have game time from 1:30 to 2:30 on Thursdays, so that’s a good time for the kids to team up on games. We usually do checkers, connect four, mancala, uno, Hangman, snap, and this week we’ll do Yahtzee. This teaches logic, problem-solving, some math and language skills, along with the social stuff about waiting for your turn, supporting your friends, etc. Because the Owls have a field trip this morning to a veterinarian over off Lawrenceville Highway, there may be work to catch up in the afternoon.

Friday—The Hummingbirds and Owls will be going to the Children’s Museum today. The cost is $8 each and we’ll probably leave here around 9:00 and return around lunch time. Hot Lunch is Shepherd’s Pie, Mandarin Orange slices, and rolls.