The Friday Falcon

Super Heroes in Training


Greetings Kingfisher Community!!

What a great week! This week, we:

  • Continued our discussion on Cause and Effect and how understanding it’s relationship can help in problem solving
  • We discussed the differences between denotation and conotation
  • Students were given a debate question to research and was asked to take both for and against position on topic
  • Character Traits
  • Context Clues
  • Drawing conclusions from visual details
  • Students also used their knowledge of text evidence and drawing inferences to complete an assignment in which they had to read an article and come up with a heading from their reading.
  • Students participated in an in class activity called DON’T SAY UMM!! In which an impromptu, 30 second speech was given on a topic.

21st Century Skills Learned through this project: Critical thinking, creativity

  • We are continuing our review of multiplication, division, and decimals
  • Students were introduced to Polynomials as well. Ex. X + 2x^2 – 3x^3 = given the values of x


This week’s SAT Words


None this week