Hey parents,

This past week in the Willows we were all over the place. A few kids were sick and had to be out, so we played catch up for a few days. We had a few days where we had to talk about our behavior and how we treat our friends, but we are getting better. The full moon this week must have everyone really sensitive, because everyone kept crying.

We are excited about this upcoming week because Tuesday will be our 100th DAY OF SCHOOL!!! For 100’s day we will be making the house from Up (the movie) using red solo cups and helium filled balloons. We will be using 50 cups and 50 balloons, so I will need each kid to bring 10 cups, and I will provide the balloons. We will be doing this project as a part of a science experiment as well. We are studying sinking and floating objects, and want to see if the helium filled balloons will lift the light-weight solo cups.

I also need kids to bring in objects that begin with the letters A, B, and C for our alphabet project. The things they bring in should be somewhat flat or light-weight enough to glue on the cardboard letter. They should NOT bring anything they care too much about. We will be doing 3 letters a week.

Willows are supposed to be starting swimming lessons at the end of this month. Ms. Debbie will have more information on this, including when we will actually begin.

We have moved this week’s sight word test to Monday the 5th, because we had several students out so they haven’t had sufficient time to study. Each child will be bringing their list of words home, and should go over them this weekend.

Thursday the 8th all of the kids will be dressing up in “cool clothes” for Spanish class, because they are learning about clothing. They will also be judging the teachers on their funky outfits.

Enjoy your weekend! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Ashwaq Cox