Dear Folks,

This week we tried something new. We had assignment sheets with work listed for several days at once. Kids could choose which items to start on and periodically a page would be completed with the entire group at once. This worked pretty well, although it requires a kind of organization of work that many children need assistance with. The challenge is not choosing all the easy stuff at the beginning, leaving a lot of more difficult stuff for the end of the day, when everyone is tired. Their assignment sheet contains some games and some simple art projects, as well. As they complete items, they can check them off or color in the segment on their assignment sheet to show that it’s finished. It was kind of fun and included some computer searching, as well. We’ll keep this up for the next few weeks to practice the student skills that are needed to manage time and short projects. Thursday’s hike was so fun!  We didn’t go to see nature (the group was way too loud for that) but we did get lots of exercise and we might repeat this in smaller groups and end up at the library at Mason Mill at the end.

We are moving into division in a big way next week and have already begun doing some early morning problems that include averaging temperatures, scores, etc. Some kids take immediately to learning the division facts so they can move into harder work and other kids are stalling out because in division it is much harder to do a “work around” when the student can’t remember the division facts. We will begin remembering the steps in simple long division by using the DMSB steps: Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring Down.  There will be some homework in this area several nights next week.

We are planning a Valentine party and we’ll have it on the 14th—be on the look out for Valentine cards on sale already at Dollar King and drugstores. We’re looking for fancy napkins, cookies, some kind of punch, etc. Here’s the list of names:


Eliot       Hannah H.        Anjayl       Iskender       Connor      Brock


Julia        Hannah S.        Andy        Lolade           Eric

Looking forward—on February 13th, the Oaks are going to International House of Pancakes for lunch—in honor of Mardis Gras. Our science fair will be the last week in March and we’ll begin talking and planning for this next week. Start talking about this at home and considering what you think would be interesting for your child. The science fair assignment includes buying a flat, so when looking for Valentine’s Day cards, check to see if they have cardboard flats.

Have a great weekend!