Raising Happy ChildrenRaising Happy Children by Jan Parker and Jan Stimson

Primarily for the parents of kids 0 to 11, this book calls upon research from professionals to settle some issues and is still a funny, warm book to read about parenting.



41w2ixiqfwlA Simple Formula for Raising Happy Children by Rabbi Roger Herst

A conversational book that brings up principles that Rabbi Herst counsels parents about–Allowing Children to Choose; Freedom to Make Mistakes; etc. Always we worry that our kids aren’t fully happy, like we were as children, without remembering that life isn’t really bowl of cherries for anyone. The goal is to teach our kids how to “roll with the punches” and how to survive and thrive even in the ups and downs of daily life. A fun book to know about, especially if you listen to it on tape.


A Disease Called ChildhoodA Disease Called Childhood

All the teachers read this book last year. Since ADD and ADHD seems to be the constant topic of discussion when you read education news, everyone read it with great interest . Although some of us disagreed with parts of what the author said, all of us wondered about the medicating of very young children and what the final effects may turn out to be. 

Time Magazine has a nice summary of the book if you are interested as well.


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You are only as happy as your happiest family member?! Many times I hear parents bemoaning a problem that their child is having either at school or with siblings and I know the pain that this causes. All parents want their children to be happy—in fact, researchers...

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