Here are the Quiz and Test dates for the next two months (*subject to change*)

Quiz Dates:  I will be sending home a list of questions to study the night before the quiz date. However, I will give my students time in class to study with me or their peers to help them review for the quiz.

  • January 4th-Topics: Rene’ Robert Cavelier /Sieur De La Salle (Same person), Henry Hudson
  • Jan. 18th- 1st colony established in America (Virginia)
  • Jan. 25th- 2nd and 3rd Colonies(Massachusetts and New York)
  • February 1st- 4th and 5th( Maryland and Rhode Island)
  • Feb. 8th- 6th and 7th (Connecticut and Delaware)
  • Feb. 15th- 8th-10th (New Hampshire,North Carolina and South Carolina)
  • Feb. 23rd- 11th-13th ( New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Georgia)

Test Dates: We will have a week in class playing games to help study for the test the following week. However, I will also be sending home a list of questions that will help prepare my students for the exam.

  • January 12-Explorers learned in class (Vikings-Giovanni DE Verazzano
  • March 2 – Colonization (1-13 colonies)