Due to all the lovely field trips last week I will be pushing all of the quizzes/tests back a week. There will be a quiz this Friday. The quiz will be over  chapter 1 lesson 3 vocabulary, and identifying natural resources (renewable and nonrenewable).

Vocabulary Terms 

  1. Natural resources– things from the natural environment that people use
  2. Renewable resources– things that the environment can replace after we use the
  3. Nonrenewable resources-things that nature cannot replace after they are used
  4. Product-Something that is made from natural resources
  5. Fossil fuel-an energy source formed by the remains of things long ago

I will also ask my students to identify 2-3 renewable resources as well as 2-3 nonrenewable resources.
Thanks for all you do! Feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns!

-Ms. Darby