By now, everyone has done some writing in Science Class–we read articles and did our first abstract–extracting a bit of information from the article to prove we read it and to figure out the importance of the article. The Owls love to talk about science and about nature but writing about it is harder. They all have a copy of the science objectives and the activities required for this first unit and they’ll be able to talk about it with you at home. They have written their first abstract about a simple article, they have begun logging some weather data each time we meet, and they have started a set of vocabulary cards to increase their scientific discussions. We also did our first experiment–the bean seeds hanging on their windows in the classroom, which we will switch around to see how gravity affects the roots. Everyone needs a small 3×5 card file and two packages of 3×5 cards with or without lines. Science is fun with them. They are talkers!