We are creating a Pioneer Mural in the hallway and the paintings and writing about pioneers will be on display. We will continue studying the settling of the West for two more weeks and then move into studying the Presidents in Social Studies and into a pond study for a couple weeks in Science. We’ve had lots of interesting stuff to talk about in studying those pioneers–they were a bold and adventurous people and sometimes it seems hard to believe that this is how America was settled–so much hard work!  We’ll be cooking biscuits this week in honor of the Pioneers (who seemed to eat biscuits morning, noon, and night) and one day we’ll have porridge in honor of the Pioneers. Along with painting and writing and cooking like the Pioneers, we want to try to create a covered wagon on a cart to put beside our display. That means lots of teamwork, which the pioneers knew all about. This is fun and inspiring, too.