Folks are worrying about school supplies (the television makes it look like a crisis) but our lists are easy. 
  • Everyone needs a permanent, reusable water bottle and an easy to manage lunch box system with reusable containers.
  • Everyone needs a ream of white copy paper
  • Everyone needs a library card either from Gwinnett or DeKalb. (if you don’t live in G or D, I’ll take care of it)
  • 3rd grade and up need flash-drives and everyone needs three or four composition books (on sale at Staples).
  • Make certain your child has some pink and some gray erasers.The regular kind not silly shapes–those won’t hold up.
  • Everyone needs a ruler with metric and American measurements
  • 3rd and up need a simple, cheap calculator.
  • Everyone needs a plain, white, COTTON t-shirt for tie-dye day
WE HAVE TONS OF NOTEBOOK PAPER RIGHT NOW AND TONS OF PENCILS, SO YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY THOSE. Don’t spend too much, we’ll have more detailed supply lists coming out later in September, but we also have lots of stuff in storage that we are trying to use up.