The Owls are studying the properties of water and then will move to talking about water biomes. We are so excited to do some hands-on stuff in science, but everyone needs to be prepared. Send some boots that can get dirty that stay here. Send an old t-shirt to cover clothes to keep from getting messy stuff on everyone’s clothes.  This will be fun and will include a lot of trips and outdoor time. Here are the objectives for this new science theme:

  • The students will learn to categorize various water creatures in terms of what kinds of wet areas they need to survive.
  • The students will do an inventory of every living creature we come across during our field studies, including details on where the creatures were spotted.
  • The students will establish an aquatic habitat to take care of in their classroom.
  • The students will discuss and recommend 5 or 6 different ways that wetland habitats could fit into the urban ecosystem in which we live.
  • All students will develop some predictions regarding our expectations for certain habitats (for example, we might predict that we won’t find any living creatures in the run-off creek near Milam Park due to the run-off from the neighborhood that goes into that water)
  • Every student should be able to name 10 aquatic creatures and be able to tell where they fit in the food chain.
  • Every student will research and present findings on one aquatic creature (insect, fish, amphibian, etc)
  • Every student will name several properties of water (capillary action, water seeks a level, water runs downhill, etc.)