What an interesting week we have planned! Poetry and Popcorn on Tuesday, Library trips on Tuesday and Thursday, Park trip to Milam Park on Wednesday . . .As always, we like the kids to do some moving and some thinking at Kingfisher. The temperature won’t go much above 50 this week, so remind your kids to bring jackets for outside.  The Palms are continuing their reading of Island of the Blue Dolphin and seem to be enjoying that adventurous book.
Monday–The Water Oaks are shifting some of the reading and art to the front office today because we need the extra space for the paintings about our book. The Red Oaks will meet in the afterschool room for reading and social studies today so they can use the chalkboard. If it’s not too rainy, the kids will go to the park today.
Tuesday–Poetry and Popcorn in the morning–so make sure your kids have their poem ready to go. The DeKalb kids will go to the library this morning to trade books.
Wednesday–This is  tour day for new families, so we’ll be busy with that. Also, one or two classes will go to Milam Park today to play–probably the Oaks and the Willows.
Thursday–the Gwinnett kids go to the library today and at the same time, the rest of the kids will go play at Bryson Park.
Friday–The Water Oaks will go to the  Carlos Museum this morning. I’ll put out a permission slip when I can get the cost worked out. The Carlos is over near Emory.
Hot Lunch will be Pizza from Pizza Hut this week along with Pineapple and Peach slices. The cost will be $2.50/slice. Thanks to Alexander Thompson for the suggestion. 
Have a wonderful week.