WEEK # 28

Freezing cold this week (even into the 20’s at night) so we’ll stay dry and leave the creeking until next week. We do have some events going on every day this week and by now, you guys have the schedule down. Please remember to send the $7 for tennis players on Wednesday, the coach says they can’t play if they don’t pay. We have given up looking for the library book, so I’m requesting $4 from each Falcon by Friday to defray the cost of the fines and the book. This week the commitment letter comes out for next year. Remind your student to check their mailbox. The big trip this week comes on Thursday, when the Owls go to Fernbank Natural History Museum. There will be a clipboard signing sheet. Anyone with a membership card, please send it. The office will be responsible for those so they don’t get mislaid. This will be a happy week, as well, because we do our traditional St. Pat’s luncheon at Local 7 on Friday.

Monday—March 13—swimming for the little guys at 11:00 and everyone will begin finding and painting our snakes for Friday’s parade.

Tuesday—March 14—Spanish today in the morning. In the afternoon, the gymnastic girls leave at 4:30 to go to the gym.

Wednesday—March 15—Tennis today at 1:30 and Drama at 3:00. Graphic novels will be presented today—a brief talk (3 minutes) and a drawing to show the style of the artist.

Thursday—March 16—Owls go to Fernbank this morning—(please send membership cards ASAP so we know what we’ve got to work with). I spoke with the membership folks and as long as we don’t ask for a tour guide, we can come in for free to see the dinosaurs. This is the ongoing project for the Owls of checking out potential careers, with several kids interested in paleontology. Although that career might be hard to get going, the lifelong interest in ancient times will always be available to anyone.

Friday—March 17—today we march down to the Local 7 at 11:00 and have a typical Irish luncheon (toasted cheese sandwiches, fried potatoes). The cost will be $5 each. Parents are welcome to come, too, and they can order off the menu for themselves. The kids’ order has already been placed.