This is an action-packed week with all kinds of projects going on. A letter about bike day went home on Friday, so make sure you read that, so you know what to expect. If you’ve never seen bike day, check out the photos on our gallery to get a feel for it: We’ll be cooking up hotdogs and tofu dogs on the grill and will have Popsicles as well, but you might want to send snacks if you have an eating child. Also, PTO is tomorrow night and the topic will be HOMEWORK and that starts at 6:00 p.m. We will either meet in the school or in the meeting room, but I’ll have signs to tell you where to go on Tuesday. Have an enjoyable week.
Monday—Falcons have Science today at 1:30 and the Hummingbirds have Art with Miss Brigit at that time, as well.
Tuesday—8:30 trip to Cofer Park to play before a busy day. Spanish class is scheduled for today around 11:00 to 1:00. Everyone has a blue folder to bring back and forth to Spanish, so be sure your student has his/her folder on Tuesdays. Today the kids eat lunch with Ms. Fretwell and will be working on conversational Spanish. After lunch, Alicia Hughes will be rounding up the Owls and the Hummingbirds to do a nature hunt and to do some work in decorating wreathes for the breezeway. That will happen around 2:00.
The Falcons go to the library on Tuesday afternoons.
Wednesday—is the library day for the Owls. The Hummingbirds and the Hunting Owls have science TOGETHER today and we are headed for a big field trip to Dunwoody Nature Center. We’ll leave around 12:00 and be back around 3:00. The cost is $6 and every one should wear sneakers.
Thursday—is Art Day for the Falcons from 12:30 TO 1:30. Hummingbirds go to the library this afternoon.
Friday—Bicycle Day!! All sorts of riding and riding and riding from about 10:30 to 2:00. Parents are welcome to come watch (or to help with the grill). Please don’t send a bike or trike that is broken—we can’t fix things this year. All children must wear helmets.
Thank you to Alicia and Hannah Hughes who decorated and beautified the breezeway over the weekend. It made us smile every time we went out there this morning. Fall is finally here and that’s worth celebrating!