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Week #7 October 9 to October 13

We have plans for a jam-packed week. We have book reports and bike day and a field trip happening, along with PTO on Tuesday. The theme of this PTO is “What Kind of Help is Good or Bad for My Child”. This is more of a discussion and we’ll cover which responsibilities does your child have at home, what do we expect the student to handle at school, when should you add more jobs and responsibilities as your child grows older. Also, we’ll talk about setting your child up for success.

Monday—October 9  Book Reports are Due Today.  We’ll stand up and read them to the group and turn the forms in.  Park time may be spent in the gym today, depending on the weather—it’s supposed to be rainy.

Tuesday—October 10 Dekalb kids go to the library today and PTO is tonight at 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday—The Oaks go on a MARTA trip today, so send $5 in single dollar bills and quarters for us to ride the buses. We’ll leave at 10:00 and be back around 1:00 (depending on the bus schedule). In the late afternoon, some kids have DRAMA.

Thursday—Spanish class (everyone needs their blue folders) and the Gwinnett kids go to the library. We may combine this trip with going to Bryson Park for the other kids, we’ll have to see how the day comes together.

Friday—BIKE DAY!  This is a fun day and a letter will go home to describe it for you in more detail. We’ll start riding around 10 or 11:00, have a cook-out, and ride till we are tired. Hot lunch will include hot dogs cooked on the grill, bananas, corn chips. We’ll have popsicles as well. Parents are invited to come and help, if you can.