Week #9

Last week of the grading period, so there will be a few assessment pieces to help with delineating where each student is, academically. Make sure your child gets enough sleep this week. The book report for the Palms and the Oaks is due Thursday. They have forms, but if they need more space, they can attach a sheet. I’ll get the form on the website this morning. Aren’t the decorations for Halloween great? Alicia, Lisa Bloser, and the Salazars helped—it was a labor of love. Library books need to come in (not the biographies) for returning. Some kids have forgotten theirs a couple of times and they will soon be overdue. If it’s really rainy, we’ll try to use the gym a day or two to work off some energy. Everyone is selecting a short poem for Poetry and Popcorn next week, they’ll need to have it on cards and we’re trying to have part of it memorized. The Willows will be doing a poem together.

Monday—23rd—A regular day with reading, writing, and arithmetic—maybe some hanging up spiders, as well.

Tuesday—24th—DeKalb kids go to the library today to get a new book for silent reading time. Tennis checks are due now for the month.

Wednesday 25th—The Oaks will go get guppies this morning to put in our little tank in the room. Hopefully, these guppies will not be like Henry Huggins—he ended up with hundreds of them.

Thursday—26th—Gwinnett kids will go to get books today and, we have Spanish this morning

Friday—20thWe have hot lunch today (the menus is posted below) and this is $4/plate and is an entirely voluntary thing—sometimes everyone eats lunch and sometimes only 5 or 6 kids eat. The money we make on lunches goes to the teachers for spending on their classrooms. After lunch, some will go to tennis, some to the park.


Halloween will be celebrated on the 31st, here—costumes are fine and we’ll march down in a tiny parade and eat lunch at Los Colinas on Main Street. This is a tradition and we invite parents to join us for lunch and we often sing a song or two as well.

Report cards come out on the 28th or 29th of October.

MENU—Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

Tomato Soup

Apple Slices